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But we’re not the only ones offering up spins and wins. The online and land-based casino is a booming industry worldwide and, as such, there have been plenty of players around the world who have won big at other casinos. And, one of the most popular games on which to win big, is blackjack. 

black and gold aces with three dice

Picture this: You’re dressed to the nines, at the blackjack table, a crisp martini at your side. You’ve placed your bets, your strategy is locked and loaded, you’re raring to go. You play your hand, the dealer plays theirs. And you can already feel an incredible win coming your way… 

That is exactly what happened to the five biggest blackjack winners in recent history! They came, they played, the conquered. Read on to find out more about them and exactly how they secured the bag and came out on top! 

The Biggest Blackjack Winners To Date

Our first, most unlikely blackjack hero is Shoeless Joe, who used his $400 government social security cheque to hit the blackjack table at a Las Vegas casino. According to newspaper reports at the time, he was in his 80s, carried a walking stick, and was rather unkempt. Many so-called eyewitness accounts describe him as ‘homeless’. Whatever his appearance, Lady Luck was on Shoeless Joe’s side that day because he managed to turn $400 into a cool $1.5 million! 

Our Cinderella story doesn’t end there, however. Rumor has it Joe lost his big windfall shortly after receiving it, as so many do. The wheel, after all, keeps turning. But who knows. Shoeless Joe might have taken the money and run (and hopefully stopped along the way to buy himself a pair of new shoes). It might not have been the biggest blackjack win in history, or the most money won in a casino in one night, but Shoeless Joe still goes down in history as one of Las Vegas’s most colorful characters. One can imagine how he’d fare trying his hand at one of our many exclusive live dealer Blackjack tables!

Dana White Blackjack – Huge Win

Next up is Dana White, president of UFC, whose current personal net worth stands at around $500 million. A businessman who is used to being in the spotlight, White is known to frequent casinos and play big money on his favorite table game – blackjack. He has even been accused of card counting in the past. In 2012, the Palms Casino refused to pay out Dana White’s Blackjack winnings and banned him after accusations of card counting came to light. 

However, one little-known aspect about Dana White is his exceptional blackjack abilities. For years, this man has been betting large and winning big, so much so that casinos have warned him to stay away owing to his propensity of emptying them out.

During a 2014 episode of the UFC’s Embedded series, White gave fans a glimpse inside his high roller status, which has seen him barred from Vegas nightlife – after all, no one wants someone to keep winning millions.

The King Of Blackjack Strategy

Lucky no. 3 on our list is Ken Uston, who was often referred to as the King of Blackjack Strategy. One of the biggest strategic moves he made was to team up when hitting the blackjack tables. In the 1970s, while the rest of the world was getting groovy, Ken was perfecting his team card counting techniques. He spent time in numerous casinos worldwide, earning millions of dollars from the casinos, with some of the biggest blackjack bets made – sometimes as high as $12,000 on a single hand.

Ken and his team are estimated to have earned about $4.5 million in winnings during their operational period. And his influence on the industry at large can still be seen today, so many years later.

Australian Businessman Kerry Packer

Coming in in the runner-up spot, only a few million behind our biggest blackjack winners, is Kerry Packer, a millionaire whose time spent at the blackjack tables added considerably to his personal wealth. 

When Kerry passed away in 2005, the Australian businessman had a personal net worth of AUS $6.5 billion (USD $4.3 billion), and much of that net worth was earned because Kerry lived by a simple premise – the bigger the bet, the bigger the payout. At the MGM Grand blackjack table in 1995, Kerry placed one of the biggest blackjack bets – $250,000 – and raked up nearly $40 million in winnings, which is certainly one of the biggest blackjack wins in history!

MIT Blackjack Team

Last but certainly not least, we have the MIT Blackjack Team, who have their names on the biggest Blackjack winners list, who are estimated to have earned anywhere from $50 to $100 Million in the 80s and 90s, Made even more notorious by the 2008 film, 21, and the book upon which it was based, Bringing Down the House, this team of bright, young MIT students spent many years at the Blackjack tables in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, racking up mega wins as they went. The card counting techniques they employed are not strictly illegal but most casinos frown on them and will ban you from the floor if you’re found trying out the MIT team’s methods, so keep that in mind before you try to emulate them. 

These wins, some of the biggest blackjack wins in history, have been inspiring gamblers the world over for many years and hopefully they’ll also inspire you to find a blackjack strategy that works for you, so that you too many join the ranks of blackjack winners. 

And, if you’d like to try your hand at online blackjack, you can join the ranks of the Lucky Creek players and use your online casino sign up bonus to try out your favorite blackjack games and strategies!

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