The Complete Guide to Live Dealer Baccarat at Lucky Creek

Playing your favorite games such as baccarat while at home shouldn’t be boring. You can still get the thrill of playing at a real casino but from your front porch. You will however still need golden nuggets to win real money. It’s much simpler to play live baccarat online in the USA than it is to go to a physical casino. In fact, partner, Lucky Creek is the best casino online where you can play baccarat with a live dealer. 

Not only will you be avoiding Bunco artists, but we have the most professional dealers and some great bonuses to boost your bankroll. Playing baccarat in person offers an undeniable level of excitement and camaraderie. We take you through a few other reasons why we are the perfect gambling saloon for you!

Baccarat Explained

Live Dealer Baccarat is when you play baccarat with a real dealer online. The games happen in a casino-like setting where you feel like you are in a real casino. Each game is live streamed in real-time and you can chat with the dealer as the game plays.

All cowboys who register to play at our live casino will take great pleasure in the atmosphere of a real casino. Streaming live dealer games to your phone or computer is the closest thing to playing them in person. While playing real-time baccarat, you will speak with a live dealer. They are there to make sure you have fun and that the game is fair. Software providers have designed the game-playing software to work well on all screen sizes. Numerous studios even provide multiple camera angles for some games.

Therefore, riding on by to Lucky Creek Casino would be the best online live baccarat casino to play live dealer baccarat games. We have the best and most professional dealers in town who will make sure that your experience at our live casino online is like no other.

How To Win Money on Live Baccarat

The fact that live baccarat tables function similarly to online baccarat games is their best feature. The same approach can be used to improve your chances of online casino live baccarat real money success. The most popular tactic is to always back the banker because it has a higher house advantage. Given that live baccarat can only be played for actual money, you must ensure that you are knowledgeable about the game and that you have a plan in place.

A more recent betting strategy recommends switching up your bets after two losses, in addition to always backing the banker bet. Therefore, if you bet on the banker and lose twice, you will bet on the player the next time.

The zigzag betting system is the final tactic. You will place bets on the banker, player, banker, player, and so on in this scenario. If you get a double after placing a wager on the banker and the result was player after player, you will double down on your subsequent wager.

You don’t have to be concerned about the games being rigged because the cards are randomly shuffled in live games. Our online casino live baccarat real money is audited and governed by an unbiased third party, just like online games.

The Ins & Outs of Live Baccarat

The objective in live baccarat is to get to a score of 9 or as close as possible. You must bet on whether the player or the banker will win or if it will end in a tie. The player and the banker both get a starting card, and each side can get up to 3 cards to make a score of 9. The game uses a 52-card deck where cards 2 to 9 carry their face value, an ace is valued at 1 point and cards 10, Jack, Queen, and King are worth 0. 

When it comes to the payouts of the game it’s a 50/50 situation between the player and banker. However, there is a 5% commission that gets taken when the banker wins. This is because it is most likely that the banker has a higher chance of winning than the player. The banker has a 45.86% chance of winning whereas a player has a 44.62% chance of winning. The tie on the other hand has a 9.52% chance of winning. The house edge on the bets is as follows

  • Player: 1 to 1
  • Banker: 0.95 to 1
  • Tie: 8 to 1

There is a fun twist that comes with playing live baccarat, which is the dragon bonus bet which you can attach to the player bet. This is a side bet that carries a 2.65% house edge. This bet is all about the winning points difference between hands. The higher the difference the bigger the payout.  There are several other side bets that make for interesting side action. These include the tie bonus, pairs, sum bonus, lucky 6, and Super 6 bets.

Test Your Knowledge With Us

Playing baccarat at Lucky Creek is one of the best decisions that you can do for yourself. Not only do we have the best dealers, but we are also the safest place to place your bets. To make sure that you don’t ever miss out on the action we have ensured that we optimize our site for mobile play.

That is correct you can enjoy live baccarat games on both your desktop and mobile! And if you catch us on a good day we offer the best online casino welcome bonus to get you started. What are you waiting for? Start playing live baccarat TODAY!