Cheating Roulette – How It’s Done And Why You Shouldn’t Do It

In this article, we’ll be covering the various methods that roulette players have used to cheat the system. We understand; you’ve probably watched the roulette wheel spin several times without a win. Perhaps Lady Luck is taking a break. Or, you’re new to gambling and have let the skeptics get to you about a rigged roulette wheel and the house always winning; so, now you’re on the hunt for a roulette cheat sheet

Whatever your reason for needing information on how to cheat roulette, we’re glad you’re here. Before we go any further, it’s imperative to understand that the ways to cheat roulette listed on this page are all illegal and could have dire consequences for you. 

Cheating at roulette is not the same as counting cards in blackjack and requires more than just a good memory! In addition, counting cards cannot be proven in court, whereas roulette cheaters can be proven in a court of law. This is enough to scare anybody contemplating six ways to cheat at roulette. If it doesn’t scare you, keep reading about the top 6 roulette hacks and make a decision at the end of the page.

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Past Posting in Roulette

At the top of the “cheating at roulette” list is “past posting,” taken from the action “past post.” This involves placing gambling chips on the winning number only after the roulette wheel comes to a stop and the ball lands on the winning number. 

While the concept is easy, to enact this roulette cheating method, you would need to possess the sleight of hand skills of David Blaine on his best day! Perfect timing and super-fast movements will help you pull off a past post in a land-based casino but won’t help you at an online casino. 

If you don’t have perfect sleight of hand, you risk being caught by the casino cameras or the dealer and being charged.

Colluding With The Dealer

While the dealer was an impediment in Past Posting, this roulette cheating method turns the tables, and by some roulette cheaters, could be referred to as one of the best roulette strategies to employ when conducting yourself in a nefarious way in a casino. Let’s imagine you stumble out of a casino after a heavy loss, and you meet a familiar face who has witnessed your loss. Together, you both go over the topics: “is roulette rigged?” and “do casinos cheat at roulette?” Then one of you introduces collusion, which allows you both to win. 

Colluding with the roulette dealer only works if the dealer is willing to accept late bets or past post for another player. Both you and the dealer will pretend the conversation never happened and you don’t know each other. The roulette game will begin as normal, and the dealer will either pretend not to see late wagers or discreetly add to winning bets. 

In addition to a willing dealer, the most opportune time to enact this cheating method is during quiet or slow hours. This ensures that the collusion isn’t visible to other players. Colluding with the dealer is illegal, and both you and the dealer will be charged. 

Furthermore, colluding with the dealer is only possible at a land-based casino and not at an online casino, even if you’re of the opinion that live casino roulette is rigged.

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Magnetic Balls in Roulette

If colluding with the dealer is not a viable option and you have the resources that Danny Ocean and his 11 pals had in Ocean’s 11, then you might want to try cheating roulette with magnetic balls! This cheating roulette method requires the use of a magnetic ball and an electronic device, and has been proven to alter the odds of roulette

The use of magnets is one of the oldest methods of cheating at roulette and has evolved over the years. An Austrian casino was subjected to a roulette cheating scandal, where the perpetrators made use of a remote-controlled magnetic ball. 

The perpetrators created an electromagnetic field that forced the roulette ball into a specific section of the roulette wheel. While they didn’t win every spin, they did make off with more than $305k! 

Roulette Wheel Rigging

Another way to control the outcome of a game of roulette is through wheel rigging, or “wheel gaffing,” a cheating roulette method made famous by Pierre Dugal. Dugal, a carpenter by trade, would hide in the bathrooms of casinos he frequented until they closed. 

Then, Dugal would shave down the pockets on the roulette wheel to increase the odds of the roulette ball landing in them. During the 19th century, Dugal made a fortune and would probably never have been caught had it not been for his philandering ways! Dugal’s winning streak ended when his wife reported him after acquiring knowledge about his mistress. 

Even if you don’t have a wife or mistress, pulling off wheel rigging is something that needs to stay in the 19th century.

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Lasers and Roulette Computers

Que the technological boom and the various ways technology has improved our lives; without excluding the ability to cheat roulette! A group of UCSC students popularized the use of roulette computers to cheat at roulette by concealing a roulette computer in their shoes! 

This method of roulette cheating requires the use of three devices that work together. This includes:

  • a tracker – used to record the data of the roulette wheel by laser scanning. The tracker then records the speed of the roulette wheel and the relative position of the ball.
  • a calculator – the calculator is a program that is embedded in a mobile device and receives the data from the tracker. The calculator then tries to. By means of calculations, to predict where the roulette ball will land. 
  • an earpiece – once the calculator predicts where the ball will land, it is transmitted to the gambler via an earpiece.

It appears to be another method of cheating best left to Danny Ocean and his team.

Sector Targeting in Roulette

Of all the illegal cheating roulette methods discussed above, there is one that you could possibly try and not face the wrath of the law. 

This method is called sector targeting. Similar to card counting in blackjack, sector targeting is hard to prove, and at most, the casino authorities would have to watch you over several big-win games to detect usage. 

Sector targeting works on prediction: after the roulette ball circulates a few times, you will determine where the roulette ball passes a specific point and where it is likely to land. If you can successfully do this, then you can place bets on the area of the roulette wheel where the ball is most likely to land. 

That concludes 6 ways to cheat roulette, and while there are 6 ways, there’s only one reason you shouldn’t cheat roulette: the legal consequences!   Cheating at land-based casinos is more common than at online casinos, and the above-mentioned methods are most likely to take place in a land based casino, with the exception of sector targeting. 

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