Roulette Odds

Indulge in roulette, and you’ll be indulging in the most played table game at most casinos. Originating in 1655, it was created by mathematician Blaise Pascal, who attempted to design a perpetual motion machine. Basically, he wanted to invent something that would move without getting energy from any other source. His experiment may have failed in his mind, but it saw the birth of the beloved game of roulette.

This favored game is so simple to play, but you shouldn’t just give it a go at any casino without knowing exactly what you’re doing when it comes to understanding the roulette table payout and the roulette odds, which will determine what kind of roulette bets you should be making to win those big bucks!

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Roulette Probabilities

The word “probability” is defined as “the extent to which something is likely to happen or be the case”. Simply put, this refers to the possibility of winning at roulette. However, before we get into roulette probabilities, we’ll first explain the two types of wheels you get in any land-based or brick-and-mortar casino, or even online. Now, you obviously know that the game is based on you placing your roulette bet on numbers or the colors red or black. The dealer then throws the ball, which will spin, and if it lands on your choice of digit or color, you win! 

The layout of the wheel differs between American and European roulette, which affects the probability of winning and the probability of roulette. In European roulette, the roulette wheel is numbered from 0 to 36, meaning there are 37 numbers (as the zero is included in the count). In American roulette, the wheel is also numbered 36, but because there are two zeros, it has 38 numbers, or 38 more slots for that ball to land on. It’s that zero on both types of wheels that will affect your odds of winning roulette.

When it comes to the actual betting, you have a variety of options to choose from. You could opt to play one number, groups of numbers, odd or even numbers, red or black, or even the high numbers ranging from 19 to 36, or decide you want to play the low numbers, which are 1 to 18. 

You can try your chance of winning roulette by placing your bet among various groupings of numbers. If you really feel super lucky, you can bet on just one number.

Roulette Odds – American Double Zero Wheel

As a gambler, you never want the house to have the edge over you. When you play on the American roulette wheel, that is exactly what happens! The house edge is a whopping 5.26%, and the roulette betting odds decline to a 1 in 38 chance to win because of those additional zeros.

So, to explain, this is in dollars. When you make a roulette bet of $100, you will lose $5.26 of it after 100 bets. The American roulette wheel has 38 numbered slots, with numbers 1 through 36, a single zero, and a double zero. The double zero, also known as the 00, is typically green in color. The other numbers on the wheel are evenly split between red and black, with the exception of the zero and double zero, which are both green.

In American roulette, the house edge is determined by the presence of the double zero on the wheel. Because the double zero gives the casino an extra advantage over the players, the odds of winning on an American roulette wheel are slightly lower than on a European roulette wheel, which only has a single zero. For example, the odds of winning a straight-up bet on a single number are 37 to 1 on an American roulette wheel, but only 36 to 1 on a European wheel. This may not seem like a big difference, but over time it can make a significant impact on your overall chances of winning.

Odds of 00 in Roulette

The odds of hitting 00 in roulette depend on the type of roulette that is being played. In American roulette, which has 38 numbered slots on the wheel (including 0 and 00), the odds of hitting 00 are 1 in 38, or 2.63%. In European roulette, which has 37 numbered slots on the wheel (including only 0), the odds of hitting 00 are 0% since there is no 00 slot on the wheel.

Highest Chance of Winning Roulette

The highest chance of winning in roulette is to bet on outside bets such as red/black, odd/even, or high/low. These types of bets offer the highest probability of winning because they cover large groups of numbers, rather than individual numbers. For example, a bet on red or black covers 18 of the 38 numbered slots on the wheel, so the probability of winning is 18/38, or 47.37%. A bet on odd or even covers 19 of the 38 numbered slots on the wheel, so the probability of winning is 19/38, or 50%. A bet on high or low covers 18 of the 38 numbered slots on the wheel, so the probability of winning is 18/38, or 47.37%.

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Roulette Odds – European Single-Zero Wheel

European roulette is the preferred wheel to play on because, as stated previously, there are only 37 numbers. The single zero is typically green in color, while the other numbers are evenly split between red and black. It’s the one zero that lowers the house edge dramatically to only 2.70%, far less than American roulette’s 5.26%, making this wheel the one to play because the odds of winning roulette are far better.

In European roulette, the presence of the single zero gives the casino a small advantage over the players, but the odds of winning are still relatively good. For example, the odds of winning a straight-up bet on a single number are 36 to 1, which means that for every 37 spins of the wheel, you can expect to win once on average.

The single-zero wheel also offers other betting options, such as even-money bets, which have almost 50-50 odds of winning. This makes European roulette a popular choice for many players who want to maximize their chances of winning.

Overall, the European single-zero wheel is considered to be more player-friendly than the American double-zero wheel, due to its slightly better odds and the wider range of betting options it offers.

Roulette Color Odds

The odds of winning a bet on a single color in roulette (either red or black) are slightly less than 50%. This is because there are 38 numbered slots on the wheel in American roulette (including 0 and 00), and 18 of those slots are red, 18 are black, and 2 are green (0 and 00). This means that the probability of the ball landing on a red or black slot is 18/38, or 47.37%.

Are Roulette Odds Set In Stone?

Before you even start playing roulette, your expectations on the chance of winning roulette should be realistic, as this is a game of chance after all. Nobody on earth can determine where that small ball will land, as each spin it takes means it could land anywhere. It’s called “an independent trial,” where one spin has no outcome on what the next one will be. Past and future outcomes are all dependent on fate. 

All you can do is look at the roulette table payout to get the best deal for your wager. Let’s say you wager two chips on just one number, what is the payout on roulette going to be? You simply Multiply your bet by the payout odds, as mentioned previously, which are 2 chips x 35 = a $70 roulette payout.

Roulette Odds – Proposition Bets

Proposition bets, also known as “inside bets” or “call bets,” are bets that are placed on specific combinations of numbers on the roulette table. These bets typically have higher payouts than other types of bets, such as even-money bets, but they also have lower odds of winning. Some examples of proposition bets in roulette include betting on a specific number, betting on a group of numbers, or betting on the color or parity (odd or even) of the winning number. Proposition bets can be placed on the inside of the roulette table, where the individual numbers are located, or on the outside, where the group bets are located.

Inside Bets in Roulette:

Inside betting refers to placing bets on the numbers in the inner part of the roulette table layout. This typically includes bets on individual numbers, as well as bets on groups of numbers that are located close to each other on the table. Inside bets typically offer higher payouts than outside bets, but the chances of winning are lower, as the player is betting on specific numbers rather than on larger groups of numbers.

Some examples of inside bets in roulette include straight-up bets (a bet on a single number), split bets (a bet on two numbers that are located next to each other on the table), and corner bets (a bet on four numbers that form a square on the table).

Outside Bets in Roulette:

Outside bets in roulette refer to bets that are placed on the outer part of the table layout. These bets typically offer lower payouts than inside bets, but the chances of winning are higher, as the player is betting on larger groups of numbers. Some examples of outside bets in roulette include red/black bets (a bet on the color of the number that will be spun), odd/even bets (a bet on whether the spun number will be odd or even), and high/low bets (a bet on whether the spun number will be low (1-18) or high (19-36)). These types of bets are a good option for players who want to minimize their risk and have a better chance of winning.

  • Outside bets in roulette are placed on the outer part of the table layout
  • These bets typically offer lower payouts than inside bets
  • The chances of winning are higher for outside bets because they are placed on larger groups of numbers
  • Examples of outside bets include red/black bets, odd/even bets, and high/low bets
  • These bets are a good option for players who want to minimize their risk and have a better chance of winning.

Roulette Odds FAQs

When playing American roulette, it’s 47.4%. In European roulette, it’s 48.6%, with a roulette probability of a 1:1 payout on both variations.

This is dependent on whether you’re playing American roulette with double zeros, where your roulette table odds are 1 in 38 with a 5.26% house edge. With European roulette you have a roulette table odds of 1 in 37 chance of winning with a 2.70% house edge.

Choosing outside bets! Each of the bets you make on red or black, odd or even numbers, or deciding to play high or low will get you a 1:1 payout that really is worthwhile.

No! As we’ve said before, this game is based purely on luck, fate, and chance. Determining where that ball is going to drop is impossible. 

The highest payout and odds of winning roulette is 35:1 which is possible with wagering on 1 number with a straight bet.

Final Thoughts on Roulette Odds

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