Tall Boy Roulette Explained

Bring out the Tall Boy Roulette! It’s a real icebreaker, and there are very few Tall Boy roulette game rules to follow, making it easy to play. Playing it will also get rid of the awkwardness at any party. You better get ready for lots of laughs and a fantastic evening that flows!

But what exactly is a Tall Boy drink? Read on and find out more about how to play and what the Tall Boy Roulette drinking game rules are for this crowd-pleaser.

tall boy roulette with two beer glasses on a roulette table

What Tall Boy Roulette Is All About

Who wants to have some Tall Boy Roulette fun? This game is just like a form of beer roulette, although there are a number of different ways to play. We’re going to explain exactly what the drinking roulette set rules are. With beer roulette, there must be one beer per person for a group of up to 10 people. 

One person who isn’t playing needs to leave the group, shake only one of the beers, and then place it back into the cooler box with the rest of them. The group must then stand in a circle, and each person needs to take turns grabbing a can and opening it. 

The game continues until someone opens the shaken can and gets sprayed all over! This poor person now also has to guzzle down their entire beer. If you would like to try your hand at live dealer roulette, with a real live dealer administering the game, then sign up with us and start winning!

Getting Set Up with Tall Boy Roulette Games

The difference when playing Tall Boy roulette compared to beer roulette is the Tall Boy alcohol. For those not too clued up on the size of beer cans. A regular beer is 12-oz whereas a Tall Boy beer is 16-oz.

The drinking roulette rules to get the party started are to buy those beers (make sure you have loads of them), and get a cooler box, brown paper bags, and even a roulette wheel.

two beer glasses spilling beer

Variants of Tall Boy Roulette Games

In a Tall Boy roulette game, one variation of the game is where different brands of beer are placed in a brown paper bag. Each player has to keep their eyes closed, grab one of the bags, and drink the beer inside in a set time the group has agreed to.

You could even play “spin the bottle”,  but without the kissing! The drinking roulette instructions for playing the game are as follows: Have the group stand around a table or something hard. Take a full Tall Boy can, put it on its side, and spin it hard enough so it can roll off the surface. Whoever the can lands on has to drink it in one gulp. The point of this is to drink without vomiting, passing out, or feeling sick.

two beer glasses spilling beer

 Drinking Roulette Games with a Roulette Wheel

Another way to play is with a roulette wheel. The roulette drinking game rules here are that 4 quadrants on the wheel should be masked off to correspond to 4 different types of beers and alcohol variants with a diverse range of alcohol content. 

So, you could have one section for Tall Boys with an alcohol content of 4.5%, another section for tequila with an alcohol content of between 50% and 51%, the next section for wine with an alcohol content of between 16% and 24%, and the final section for liqueurs with a 15% alcohol content. The roulette wheel will then be spun, and wherever the ball lands is what you must drink. 

An additional Tall Boy roulette idea is to place a bet on three drinks in relation to the number of pockets on the wheel corresponding to those drinks. On an American roulette wheel, for example, you have a 3/38 chance of winning when those three pockets correspond to your chosen drink. That’s a 7.32% chance of winning. Take a chance and put down those bucks!


Tall Boy Roulette Conclusion

Drinking games are not all about getting as drunk as possible. There are also mental advantages to these types of games. The socializing aspect is beneficial to us as humans as it increases our sense of well-being, makes us feel happier, and even makes us feel “accepted” in a way. 

Plus, a little healthy competition and the teamwork that’s needed never killed anyone. Oh, and the encouragement you hear from the crowd rooting for you Well, nothing feels better than that!

Once you start playing a drinking game, you’ll be hooked! Tall Boy Roulette has the advantage of allowing you to change the drink roulette rules to whatever you want. So, raise the bar (pun intended) and take a shot, because at the end of the day or the night, it’s all about the fun and the laughs.