How To Win With Keno

Keno’s originated in china made up of 80 Chinese Characters. When it was introduced into the west these 80 characters were replaced with numbers. It’s very popular due to its simplicity to play and most casinos offer some form of keno.

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How to Play Keno Online

In the live version, the player may mark anywhere from 1 through 20 numbers on a card that has 80 numbers arranged in eight rows of ten. The player then takes the cardboard to a keno writer and places a bet that the numbers selected are going to be among the 20 drawn within the next game. Alternatively, the player sitting in one among the casino restaurants can mark a card and provides it with a bet to a keno runner, who takes it to the keno writer then brings back the ticket. The bet is in multiples of the house minimum — usually $1 nowadays. Our online Keno guide has all you need to know when it comes to understanding this special casino game.

After the 20 numbers are drawn, winning tickets are paid consistent with a table that varies between casinos. For instance , a four-spot ticket with $1 wagered might return $1 if two numbers hit, bring $5 if three numbers hit, and pay $120 if all four are available . But in another casino, the three-number hit might pay $6 and every four, $125, and in another the payoffs could be $5 and $110. Due to the variation, no payback percentage is common enough to be called average. Paybacks range from below 70 percent to 80 percent.

The Ideal Online Keno Bets

  • Straight ticket: Betting the numbers chosen as one wager is named betting a a straight ticket .It is the easiest method to play, but many players want to bet more combinations. One popular method is that the “way ticket.” for instance , a player might mark six numbers, circle two groups of three, and mark on the side of the ticket, “2/3, 1/6.” The player then would bet $3 to get $1 wagers on each of two three-spot combinations and on the six-spot.
  • King ticket: One number circled by itself is the king, which is used in all other combinations. For instance a seventh number within the previous example was circled as a king. The player then could mark “2/4, 1/7” to bet two four-number combinations — the king joining each of the three-number groupings — and therefore the overall seven numbers.
  • Combination ticket: The player marks several number groupings and plays combinations of them. for instance , a ticket with two-, three-, and four-number groupings are often played as 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 (the two- and three-number groups together), 1/6 (two- and four-number groups), 1/7 (three- and four-numbers), 1/9 (all three groups). At $1 per game, the ticket would cost $7.

Keno Strategy

Overall, the returns at keno are too infrequent for anyone to play it seriously. A light hearted game or two over breakfast within the casino cafe or relaxing within the keno lounge is sufficient for several people. But some players on a decent budget enjoy sitting within the keno lounge, being served free drinks and playing a buck at a time as a cheap form of entertainment for the day.

For someone who wants to play seriously enough to travel from casino to casino, the simplest strategy is just to match pay tables and play at the house that pays the highest ratio for the amount of spots you decide on . There’s no strategy for choosing numbers — any number is just as likely to randomly appear as any other.

Regardless of how it’s played, keno has emerged as a casino staple since being introduced to the US over 100 years ago.

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