The Biggest Keno Winners and Keno Jackpot Winners

You might think online Keno real money is a simple, lottery-type game but the Lucky Creek online casino team is here to tell you that it is so much more! This easy-going game has been played for thousands of years, has ended wars, and has given us some pretty big Keno winners.

Want to know how Keno can offer up the opportunity for you to win life-changing pay-outs? Want to become the biggest Keno winner? Keep reading! 

You may learn how to play Keno at home and gain money here at Lucky Creek, the home of large Keno winnings. These doors first opened back in 2009, and now we’re the greatest in the West, announcing prizes left and right and providing countless chances for gamblers of all stripes to strike it rich.

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When you mosey on down to Lucky Creek online casino, the wins start the moment you walk through these dust ol’ doors and take a load off. We’ve got everything you need – a wild Welcome Offer to get you started off right; friendly and helpful support staff to help out when you need it; and an incredible stable of every kind of game, including several varieties of top-tier online Keno games that hail from reputable providers the world over. If you’re looking to be a Keno jackpot winner, then you’re in the right place.

Lucky Creek online casino is a true-blue American brand. We cater for folks in the land of milk and honey, who’re looking to spice up their lives by racing the reels and grabbing big wins. The reels do not always run smooth though – speed bumps happen, hiccups occur, spanners clog up the works. 

But rest assured that our top-notch Support Team is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and they are equipped to handle pretty much whatever you’ve got. Need help processing a payment? We’ve got you. Got Keno questions? Where can I play Keno near me? How many numbers to win Keno? How to play Keno at home? Is online Keno rigged? How can I become a Keno jackpot winner? Well, we’ve got answers. Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

Keno Jackpot Winner Patrick Lamour

Earlier this year, an unlikely hero rose up among the hosts of Keno fans the world over – Patrick Lamour, the biggest Keno winner the small town of Merritt, BC has ever seen. Patrick purchased a ticket at the Shell gas station on DeWolf Way and then his whole life changed, to the tune of almost half a million dollars! 

He could hardly believe his eyes when he scanned the ticket and saw the six-figure number staring back at him. An avid Keno player, Keno winner Patrick plays monthly using his children’s birthdays as his chosen numbers. 

Using the same set of numbers every time you play is a solid strategy that big Keno winners swear by and, in this instance, the strategy worked out extremely well for Patrick. 

Big Keno Winner Bruce Buckley

Another of the big Keno winners out there is Bruce Buckley. The man, the myth, the Keno jackpot winner. Lady Luck was smiling on Bruce when he purchased his $2 ticket in 2016. Bruce didn’t have much experience playing Keno but he was eager to give it a go. 

So imagine his surprise when he turned out to be one of the big Keno winners with a win of over $300,000! When he won, Bruce became a Keno game winner and the biggest Keno 8-Spot winner. To this day, Bruce stands on the podium as the biggest Keno jackpot winner in Oregon’s history.

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Aussie Man Zelijko Ranogajec Takes Huge Keno Win

If you think Bruce was the biggest Keno winner, then you obviously haven’t heard about Zelijko Ranogajec yet. The Australian player is massively popular in the gambling world and is likely the biggest Keno game winner, with his incredible $7.5 million win way back in 1994. 

He was playing Keno at the North Ryde RSL CLub in New South Wales, Australia, when he made Keno history. These days, Zeljko runs a pretty successful gambling operation in London where he no doubt dabbles in the odd Keno game here and there. 

Your Keno Questions Answered

Some of the biggest questions when it comes to Keno are – where can I play Keno near me, how many numbers to win Keno, how to play Keno at home, and is online Keno rigged?. Let us put your mind at ease.

Many of the big Keno winners we’ve walked about won when playing Keno in land-based situations and so, many players ask ‘is online Keno rigged’? Can you still win big while playing online or is it safer to stick to Keno scratch cards at gas stations? 

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that, as long as you play at a reputable online casino like Lucky Creek, where all wins are guaranteed real money wins, playing Keno is as safe as houses. And, because Keno is so easy to understand and has great odds, you’ll likely be a Keno winner before you know it. 

You can even play Keno in our live casino online and you can play Keno at home, surrounded by creature comforts and in your PJs, if that’s how you roll.

Remember that Keno is a numbers game. Choosing a set of numbers and sticking with it, like Patrick did, is a good way to find your win. But how many numbers? And how many numbers does it take to win Keno? 

Well, you’ll need to choose anywhere between one [1] and 15 numbers and many avid Keno fans find that anywhere between six [6] and 10 is often the sweet spot. 

Start Your Keno Journey Now

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, so to speak, and become the biggest Keno game, then the time has come for you to saddle up your horse and head for the Lucky Creek reels, where you can play Keno at home, on the road, whenever you want. 

We’ll start you off with a wild Welcome Offer and then you can head over to our Games List to find your favorite Keno variant. 

There are tons to choose from – SuperKeno, classic Keno, Captain Keno, and more! Try them all, find your game, and learn how to play Keno at home, and become a Keno game winner!