Best Keno Numbers in 2023

Many years ago, in a country far, far away, a simple lottery game was invented. Keno became so popular that, when war visited that place, leaders were able to leverage their people’s love for it to raise the funds needed to end the war and build a monument that would outlive them all – the Great Wall of China. And to this day, that simple lottery game is going strong. 

Online keno real money is one of the online casino world’s most popular games and, in this article, we’ll explain the best keno numbers, how to get the most out of your game, and address all your online keno questions and answers

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What Are Keno Spots and Catches?

Gamblers are a superstitious lot and keno players are no different. Every player has their strategies, their tips and tricks, their lucky keno numbers that they play every time. When players hit the keno board, they’re looking to “catch” the best numbers to play on keno. 

Catching essentially means getting the number you want – when you correctly guess a number and also have it marked down on your keno ticket. 

Your win is determined by the number of catches you make. Depending on the game, and what that game’s hottest keno numbers are, you can make up to 20 “catches” when you play. Although the odds of this happening are not in your favor, thanks to keno random number generator (RNG) technology. 

Your “spots” are the numbers you mark on your ticket when you play. If you have 10 spots, for example, and six [6] catches, that means you bought 10 numbers and landed yourself six sensational wins! Who knows which numbers will be your superball keno winning numbers!

The best spots, or the best keno numbers, differ from game to game and player to player. Regionally, the most common keno numbers differ.

Hot Keno Numbers

When we talk about ‘hot keno numbers’, what we refer to are numbers that come up in draws often enough to be considered keno lucky numbers. That, if you include these numbers when you buy your keno ticket or choose your online keno numbers, there is a bigger chance that they’ll come up. 

Now, what are these mythical hot keno numbers, you ask? Well, they are one [1], four [4], 23, 34, and 72. 

Now, keep in mind that, while these five [5] numbers might be the most common numbers in keno, RNG technology makes it impossible to ascertain when they’ll come up. The odds of you getting all of these most hit keno numbers in one game are astronomical but they are the hottest keno numbers out there so you’d be remiss to exclude them completely. If you’re looking for the largest number in keno, 72 is right up there – most boards go up to 80.

Top Winning Keno Numbers

Top keno winning numbers refer to the numbers that are most frequently drawn in the game of Keno. These numbers can vary based on the specific game and location, but there are certain numbers that are known to be commonly drawn in many Keno games. Some players believe that by choosing these frequently drawn numbers, they can increase their chances of winning.

There are also ways to pick numbers that are less likely to be picked, like using “cold numbers” which are numbers that have not been picked for a while. Also, it’s worth to note that keno odds doesn’t change based on the numbers chosen, as all numbers have the same chance of being picked.

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Cold and Late Keno Numbers

If hot keno numbers are numbers that come up frequently enough to be considered lucky and the best numbers for keno, then ‘cold’ numbers are those that have the lowest frequency of occurrence. No gambler likes to hear the word ‘cold’ – unless you’re talking about a nice, cold beer, of course. 

‘Late’ numbers are those that have the potential to be picked, but haven’t been picked yet, which means that picking them in the next round could make them one of your top keno winning numbers.

Lucky Keno Numbers

The concept of luck is an interesting one. Many people, gamblers included, will tell you that they have this lucky object or this lucky ritual and they will swear by it. But, at the end of the day, luck is as random as the random number generator that controls your keno wins. 

There is no way to really ensure a win, no matter what game you’re playing, but there are some ways to stack the odds in your favor – the biggest prizes, after all, are won with the highest number of picked numbers.

For example, you can bet on ‘hot numbers,’ which are numbers that have recently been drawn or are drawn more frequently – this might be referred to or regarded as fortunate keno numbers. You may, for example, select from our list of the most often drawn numbers or the fortunate keno numbers stated earlier in the article. This will not ensure a certain victory, but it will assist to guide your decisions.

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Keno Statistics vs Computer patterns

Many avid keno fans will try to sell you on the best keno numbers or their lucky keno numbers and, while it is true that there are hot keno numbers and keno lucky numbers, this is first and foremost a game of luck. 

Lady Luck, as every gambler knows, is a fickle mistress. You can plan and strategize and carefully choose what you think are the best keno numbers to play but, at the end of the day, RNG technology and the unpredictability of keno mean that you are mostly at the mercy of the fates. 

Try Your Online Keno Luck

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