Monkey Business – Video Slot

They say, if you pay peanuts, you must expect some monkey business. However, they also say that if you play some Monkey Business, you can expect to go bananas and see pay outs, so good, you’ll think we’ve gone nuts!

Bananas make great phones and are pre-packaged in their own environmentally friendly packaging which sometimes can be trickier to open than blister packs. However, a few billion monkeys can’t be wrong, so there must be something in them. That something is, that if you get a bunch of bananas (3, 4 or 5 to be exact) you can expect to multiply your bet by up to 100.

Being bananas, they’re not the top of the food chain, so you can expect to move up from there up to multiples of 5000 X your bet!

Back to the part about getting paid peanuts, if you get a pay packet full of peanuts (or three or more of them to be exact), you get to fire someone! Sounds like one of your work fantasies? You’ll also enjoy some cheeky animations and trust us, no matter how many times you see it, the Lemur Foreman animation, will always crack you up.

So in a nutshell, you pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys! Ape around with this fun video slot and you’ll be in for some gorilla-sized wins!