Pick a mystery box or grab the cash!

Pick a mystery box or grab the cash!

Lucky contestants will be called to play. 

If you see your name flashing, you’ve been chosen to take part in this round!
Good luck and choose wisely, some boxes may contain a booby prize.
Are you brave enough to risk an empty box?

Money or the Box Prizes:

Prizes totalling tens of thousands including free spins, up to $5,000 cash, exotic getaways, tickets to a show or sporting event, gift hampers, vouchers, bonus money up for grabs.

Contestants for the next draw:

New lucky contestants every week!

Have your eye on a box?

Check that your selected box hasn't been opened yet!
The top CASH prize is $5000 but be careful of those booby prizes!
The lucky contestant will be called to negotiate live with a call center agent:
What will YOU choose? Money or the Box?

Available boxes:

Money or the Box has given away:

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